The Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Word Vaishnava

The earliest Archaeological evidence of the word वैष्णव is found on Coin (~250 CE) of the Traikutaka त्रैकूटक kings Dharasena & Vyaghrasena ruling on parts of Gujarat & Maharashtra. They are described as परम वैष्णव in place of the popular ancient term परम भागवत. त्रिकूट (3 hills) symbol is in middle of the coin withContinue reading “The Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Word Vaishnava”

Kushan Inscription At Ladakh (India) & Shiva On Kushan Coins

Kushan Inscription At Ladakh (India) ~2000 yrs ago, Ladakh was ruled by शिवपूजक Kushan king Vima Kadphises (Father of Kanishka) as per his Inscription. • Place – Khaltse Village • Language – Sanskrit (?) • Script – Kharoshthi. Inscription is of two lines only but contains name of the king as Uvima and year 184Continue reading “Kushan Inscription At Ladakh (India) & Shiva On Kushan Coins”