The Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Word Vaishnava

The earliest Archaeological evidence of the word वैष्णव is found on Coin (~250 CE) of the Traikutaka त्रैकूटक kings Dharasena & Vyaghrasena ruling on parts of Gujarat & Maharashtra. They are described as परम वैष्णव in place of the popular ancient term परम भागवत. त्रिकूट (3 hills) symbol is in middle of the coin withContinue reading “The Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Word Vaishnava”

Antiquity of Kamasutra and Vatsyayana

In earlier article on kamashastra emphasis on importance of Kamasutra text as a shastra was provided. Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra is the oldest available text in the tradition of kamashastra. In the earlier article, the antiquity of the kamashastra and its author had not been discussed in detail which will be discussed in this part.  In thisContinue reading “Antiquity of Kamasutra and Vatsyayana”