There is no other name in the history of indian political thought which commands as much popularity and respect as that of the author of Arthashastra. With exception to the heroes of epics and puranas, no name is more familiar to indians than that of Kautilya

NP Unni

Cardinal Numbers In Sanskrit

Number Chart (1 to 100) Word एकोन in the chart is used here to represent ‘-1’. One (एक) less than (ऊन) is एकोन. Example : 59 = एकोनषष्टिः (1 less…

Valmiki Was A Liar Says Jain Ramayanam

Vimalasuri – Author of Jain Ramayanam Prakrit literature पउम चरियम् (पद्मचरितम् in Sanskrit), in verse form, is the ancient most Ramayanam composed in Jain literature. Vimalasuri is the composer of…

Pratihara Inscription – Mihir Bhoj & Kautiliyan Terminology Vijigishu

Vaillabhattasvamin inscription (876 CE) of Pratihara era eulogized Mihira Bhoja as “Śrīmad Ādivarāha, who wished to conquer the three worlds (trailokyam)” – श्रीमदादिवराहेण त्रैलोक्यं विजिगीषुणा. विजिगीषु word is used for…

Female Adultery In Parashara Smriti

In Indian civilization, female in each varna is responsible for producing pure lineage. Such a lineage is responsible to carry on the traditions of their respective varna in society. This way, society’s dharmic fabric remains unharmed…


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