Kite (पतंग) on Indian Postage Stamps

14-Jan is celebrated as kite flying festival primarily in Gujarat and other few places in our country. Over the period of time, this festival of colours, happiness and togetherness is beautifully acknowledged in postage stamps published in India.

In 1991, Stamp having ₹6.50 value was issued as part of tourism year promotion. In this stamp, 5 kites of same variety are depicted in the sky.

1991 Stamp

A greeting stamp having value of ₹4 was issued in 2004 depicting 3 kites in the sky. Word पतंग appears in the stamp along with two varieties of kites.

2004 Stamp

In 2010, miniature sheet of 4 stamps was published on Children’s day (बाल दिवस) having value ₹5 each. Among few popular and favorite toys/activities of children, their most popular kite with Firki also find place in it.

2010 Stamp
2010 Miniature sheet

Kites In Indian Subcontinent

In India, Kiting was a sporting event from ancient times. Bhakti saints such as Namadeva नामदेव in his poems talked about children flying kites during Sankranti festival.

In an Abhanga अभंग, Sant Namadeva (~1300 CE) describes a boy flying a kite made out of paper. Namdeva says his mind is attached to Lord Ram राम even if he performs other tasks just as the boy keeps his attention on kite string even while talking to his friends. This Abhanga of Namadeva is found in Adi Granth as well as Sri Namdev Gatha.

The word used in this poems is Gudi गूडी which is a Prakrit word. Along with another word Patanga पतंग, both these words are used even around River Sindhu (Pakistan & Afghanistan).

In Afghanistan, Kite flying is known as Gudparan Bazi. In Pakistan as Gudi Bazi or Patang Bazi.

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  1. Namaskar,

    We have our all festival on day of Indian calendar, than how this festival of Utrayan celebrate in Gujarat comes on 14th of Jan?


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