Gupta Inscription – Samudragupta & River Ganga

Fame of Samudragupta समुद्रगुप्त (4th c. CE) is compared with swift flow of River Ganga गंगा in an Inscription. • Place – Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) • Language – Sanskrit • Script – Brahmi (Gupta) Notice two important factors in the fame of Samudragupta समुद्रगुप्त, the mightiest emperor of Gupta dynasty – 1) शस्त्र (Military Power)Continue reading “Gupta Inscription – Samudragupta & River Ganga”

Gandhar (Ancient India) and उपरिश्येन (Hindu Kush) Mountain Range

Gandhara Mentioned In Inscription of Iran Bagastan Inscription of Iran and its connection with Gandhara (Ancient India) & Hindu Kush (उपरिश्येन) mountains. • Antiquity : ~500 BCE • Patronage : Darius, Achaemenid Empire Darius, in this Inscription, mentions about ~23 territories under his control. Gandhara is his eastern most territory. 7th line of the InscriptionContinue reading “Gandhar (Ancient India) and उपरिश्येन (Hindu Kush) Mountain Range”

Sanskrit in China – Arrival and Discovery

Sanskrit is the ancient most language of India and literature. Since ages, much of the knowledge of tradition, culture and civilization of India is passed down, from generation to generation, in this language only. Some prime forms of this knowledge were – Oral tradition, Manuscripts, Paintings/Drawings, Poems/songs, Inscriptions, printing etc. The reach of Sanskrit wasContinue reading “Sanskrit in China – Arrival and Discovery”

Sanskrit In Sri Lanka – From Bygone To Modern Era

Sanskrit is the oldest language of the world in which civilization and culture took their first breath. It is a fact that this beautiful language flourished on the land which is known as “India that is Bharat” and later on expanded to other regions. Sri Lanka is an ancient geography which is connected with India,Continue reading “Sanskrit In Sri Lanka – From Bygone To Modern Era”