Pratihara Inscription – Mihir Bhoj & Kautiliyan Terminology Vijigishu

Vaillabhattasvamin inscription (876 CE) of Pratihara era eulogized Mihira Bhoja as “Śrīmad Ādivarāha, who wished to conquer the three worlds (trailokyam)” – श्रीमदादिवराहेण त्रैलोक्यं विजिगीषुणा.

विजिगीषु word is used for राजा in अर्थशास्त्रम्. General meaning of this term is – The one who has desire of conquest but this meaning doesn’t convey what कौटिल्य want to say.

आत्मद्रव्यप्रकृतिसम्पन्नो राजा विजिगीषुः is the definition of this term Vijigishu.

आत्मद्रव्य = Purity of the King resulting out of his study as mentioned in 1st chapter of Arthashastra. प्रकृति = 7 elements of state : Fort, Prime Minister, Wealth, Allies, King, Kingdom, Law & Order. ONLY such a King is विजिगीषु, not all. Only such a king should desire conquest.

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